The Goal

The Sophear Riem Foundation is an organization with high hopes of allocating donated funds to many different areas of importance. The Foundation’s main goal is to help young children find a way to express them selves through music.

Music is a self esteem builder. It gives you free reign over your creative mind, as well as giving you a sense of who you are. Sophear Riem always felt music was his saving grace and it was what not only enriched but touched his life.

The Foundation ultimately has a goal to raise funds in order to build a music center to ensure that any child would be able to learn to play a musical instrument if they so choose to. Ideally it would allow people to have a safe haven to play musical instruments, listen to different musical influences, become engrossed in all that is music and above all else, to have a safe environment free of negativity and violence for all music lovers alike. With this music center we hope that children and people of all ages can feel comfortable enough to express themselves freely and creatively.

Although musical education is not the only goal that the Foundation supports, it is high on the list of things we hope to achieve one day.

As previously stated, the Foundation does not only support musical education, we also believe it is necessary to reward researchers, humanitarian and environmental groups with the funds that are donated through this site for their efforts in trying to better the world and our future.

If it were not for the hard work and important information environmental groups have been able to provide us with throughout the years, we never would have known of the damaging affects of global warming.

With that mindset, the Foundation finds it imperative that these types of groups continue with their important research work. In which, we hope they find ways of salvaging our slowly diminishing planet.

Due to the time and efforts of researchers, society as a whole can now benefit from an Earth that will continue to live on to welcome many generations to come, and so with that, we find it necessary to help fund the research and studies. We will be able to do so by offering the option to donate to the environmental and humanitarian efforts with funds collected through this site.


We will also be working with various different groups such as the Boys and Girls clubs, different Elementary, Junior High and High Schools as well as peace groups with and in surrounding areas to ensure that we are reaching local communities as well as cities from afar.

With your help, The Sophear Riem Foundation will be able to help not only the children of tomorrow but our future on Earth as well. Thank you for taking the time to find out more about the Sophear Riem Foundation, we appreciate your interest in our endeavors and we thank you for generosity.

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